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2 years ago

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To work as a cameraman for the wedding of my work is quite normal, until last week. when a young couple who marry soon asked if I wanted to be at home on video. I usually offer a short session before the wedding couples to relax in the day, usually this is only away from home in the park or thelike. no way agreed and ready to meet her last Saturday afternoon. ben 's husband opened the door and helped me with my transition and introduced me in the lounge. Anna was his girlfriend to get ready. Ben created once offered me wine, and then explained what he 4porn had in mind. They wanted a video of them shit like Anna inspired me was impressive. 23 years long blonde hair 4porn breasts of 5 9 tall with long legs and fabulous just wait, I could not. appeared anna and was wearing a skintight black dress 4porn that barely covered the tip of his top have black. her breasts looked amazing in the tight black material. They sat next to Ben on the couch and after a glass of wine that was ana can tell the beginning. S soon as the camera and lights were on, he stood up and put some music and began to Ben before the most provocative dance. I circled her hips sexy and 4porn bent so that he could receive the vaccine of the skirt. through the viewfinder could see the flesh of her thighs above the black nylon and satin black of his tight underwear. have been is turned to the camera and opened the halter of her dress and dropped it slowly exposing her bare breasts, the cup of the announcement, but hung like two pears, pink puffy nipples showing hard upward slightly surpassed. " Ben we feel my tits", she purred. and did not need a second invitation. He stood behind her and reached around press and massage the beautiful balloons. Squeezing and pulling her nipples had anna ben moan and pushed her butt against his crotch. expression on his face was required by a total bitch, dick. turned and kissed her passionately loud Tonguing of the mouth 4porn of another. I held the camera steady, I dunno. bens hands slipped the dress over her hips and slid to the ground. rosy cheeks visible back, my eyes. Ben took off his shirt and Anna fell to his knees and pulled his pants and shorts to release his erection tension. can positioning myself where i gasped the oral action, as he hid big cock in her mouth and began blowing fellatio lick slowly and kissed his penis and testicles. They did it for more than 10 minutes before 4porn stopping her moans as he suggested would not much longer. Anna sitting on the couch, spread her legs and started playing with it. her panties were wet, and obviously the zoom 4porn to capture their enthusiasm. Ben has between her legs and pulled his pants and started licking her pussy shaved. Press two fingers into her as he played on her clitoris. The hips rise and fall as his enthusiasm reached its climax, and it came 4porn with a loud 4porn " fuuuuck yeeeeesss ooooohhhhhh " asAnna moved Ben kept coming and turned his hard cock into her dripping hole and slowly pushed to pant in causeing anna. his progress was slow and long term and how I can get pictures from different angles, Anna always urged him to fuck deeper and deeper. sghe really was a woman who obviously loved young horny shit. Ben pulled out and sat on the couch and spread her legs and anna looking staright into the camera her pussy nailed his cock. My penis was suffering in my pants, but I watched the scene before me and fiklming. Anna set up loud cries and groans of your mix with the sound of her sucking pussy. after walking a while she got up and got on all fours on the floor. Ben is behind it and really started to pound, obviouls approaching. his punches faster and harder and as Anna threw his head he pushed deeper into the orgasm and shot his load inside her. were separated into groups and a few minutes later, Anna opened her pussy and fishhi
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